Just after his go back, the guy tries to compensate for their tattered experience of Nico by the thanking your getting checking out Iapetus

Just after his go back, the guy tries to compensate for their tattered experience of Nico by the thanking your getting checking out Iapetus


According to Kronos, Percy handed down Poseidon’s “as well adjustable, unpredictable” character. Percy is an extremely kind-hearted, brave-competing, pure leader. We simply tell him he or she is daring, particularly relatives, members of the family, complete strangers, and also gods. He has got the same “brooding” lookup since the their father, and therefore always got him branded due to the fact a push back; his mother keeps a rebellious move same as him. Percy are described as his sarcastic, smart sense of humor, and applied-right back attitude. His partner Annabeth says that he is indeed a bit wise, however, appears to work foolish.

Percy can be a bit short-tempered and thus keeps dilemmas handling their anger, including when he sees intimidation. He can getting derisively sarcastic and irritable, particularly when somebody tries to manipulate your or forces your in order to follow. Like other heroes, Percy is extremely irresponsible and you may is likely to manage or blurt away anything just before convinced, causing him to gain access to a lot of troubles. He feels accountable for men and you will some thing hence fails.

According to Annabeth, Percy is obtuse, meaning the guy cannot always see the apparent even if it’s in the front out of your, instance mans attitude and you will what they’re trying say indirectly. He has got romantic attitude to own Annabeth during the period of brand new series, but the guy ultimately verifies her or him within the last Olympian. Regardless of this he could be perceptive when he should be, Percy you are going to tell you to Gaea wished to continue your alive and you can gambled their lives comprehending that he was as well valuable to help you Gaea to possess him so you can pass away at the time.

Regardless if he’s of many family members within the Go camping 1 / 2 of-Blood, Percy is recognized as an excellent troublemaker at school which have a credibility away from expulsions, like any dating azerbaijan women demigods. His dyslexia tends to make discovering and understanding difficult with his ADHD tends to make it hard to have him getting conscious or to stand nevertheless inside group. He’s got not ever been one of several “cool” kids when you look at the category as he hangs out which have supposedly “un-cool” some body, particularly their best friend Grover Underwood or his half of-aunt Tyson. Maybe on account of their bad records in school, Percy feels a robust quantity of affection and you will attachment to Camp Half-Bloodstream. At home away from Hades, Hazel claims one to Percy try a young child from Poseidon’s most readily useful characteristics: powerful, however, smooth and you may of use, someone who carry out book vessels safely to the shore as an alternative than just damage him or her.

Immediately following getting their recollections taken by the Hera, traditions on the avenue and you will assaulting monsters, Percy is rolling out good “wolf look” you to says “It doesn’t matter what bad do you believe you’re, I am worse,” enabling him to scare from individuals such as for example gangsters. He could be perhaps not afraid of one thing regarding mortal business more, plus gangs. The guy notes that it’s probably Lupa’s influence on him, when he resided along with her pack to own weeks. Despite being really positive about his very own overall performance, Hazel Levesque is also feel there clearly was a quiet despair in Percy the same as Jason, such he watched their destiny and you can understood this package go out he carry out face a monster the guy did not defeat.

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During Tartarus in the house away from Hades, Percy is starting to exhibit a deep and more risky front off himself in his personality. The guy begins to question themselves throughout the their morality, and if he is really a good champion or otherwise not. The guy secret regarding the someone he’d in the past given indifference: Bob, Calypso, and you can Nico di Angelo. If you’re stressed Akhlys, Percy taps into his frustration and you can control poison in order to overwhelm Akhlys-concise in which actually Annabeth try frightened of your. He had been proven to be more prone to aggression when he vows so you can destroy Gaea and you may avenge Bob and you may Damasen, something does not apparently disappear towards the end of the book.

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